The Collsys Enrichment module allows learners to explore and build unique experiences beyond the classroom.

The Enrichment module allows the recording of activities that connect with the students' diverse interests. The system allows events and activities directly to each learner dashboard, ensuring every student discovers opportunities to build essential skills.

The system allows you to track engagement, analyse learner ratings and generate detailed reports for each learner and at the same time gain valuable information into which activities are of interest to the learner’s growth.


Enrichment Software Features

Events and Activities

Posting extracurricular activities to the learner's dashboard.


Send emails to selected learners with information for new activities.


Learners can search online for events and book an activity of their choice.


Learners can rate how beneficial the activities were.


Track the usability of the events and activities based on learner ratings.


An extensive set of reports to monitor learner activities.