The world of work is evolving and Apprenticeships are more vital than ever. They forge a bridge between academic skills and real-world application fostering a generation of job-ready graduates with practical expertise.

Our Apprenticeship Module is a comprehensive system designed to empower both students and employers. For apprentices, it provides a structured and engaging learning platform, complete with personalised training plans, automated progress tracking and secure agreements. Students can access learning materials, log hours, and track milestones with ease, ensuring they stay on track and develop the skills needed to excel in their chosen field.

Collsys is committed to supporting an Apprentice, from onboarding to program completion. Let us help nurture talent and cultivate a thriving apprenticeship program that benefits both Apprentices and your college.


Apprenticeships Features

Full Apprenticeship Training Plan

Craft individual training plans aligned with industry standards and employer needs. Apprentices chart their course with clear milestones and dedicated support.

Apprenticeship Agreement

Eliminate paperwork and guarantee clarity with secure digital agreements.


Set regular checks to assess progress, discuss goals and provide personalised feedback. This proactive approach identifies potential roadblocks early ensuring the Apprentice stays on track. It also allows employers to tailor training to suit the Apprentice’s specific needs.

Off-the-job Hours

Monitor and verify off-the-job hours with our automated system. Apprentices log activities easily, upload supporting evidence, and ensure compliance with training requirements.


Optimise your apprenticeship program with comprehensive reports. Track individual and program-wide progress, analyse strengths and weaknesses, and identify areas for improvement.

CRM Integration

Cultivate lasting connections with your apprenticeship partners. Our powerful CRM integration lets you manage contacts, navigate Health & Safety details, and match the right apprentices with the ideal opportunities.