In the world of work experience, apprenticeships and enrichment, colleges need a platform that not only connects students with opportunities but also safeguards their well-being and streamlines the workflow. The Collsys CRM is built with three essential pillars to ensure a smooth and successful journey for everyone involved.

Firstly, Health & Safety takes centre stage. Our system prioritises a student’s safety by offering comprehensive risk assessment tools, incident reporting, and clear communication channels between colleges, employers, and students.

Secondly, Collsys empowers you to create targeted, engaging placements which align with industry needs.

Finally, contact management becomes effortless. Manage employer relationships, track student progress, and communicate effectively with all stakeholders, all under one platform.

The Collsys CRM centralises information, automates tasks, and provides actionable insights, freeing you to focus on supporting students and building partnerships.


CRM Software Features

Health & Safety

A comprehensive management and tracking system for employers' Health & Safety visits, self-assessments and insurance details.

Employer Tracking

Allows tracking of each company's activity, email communications and assessments for further actions to be taken.

Employer Management

Stores and manages all employer information, business contacts and related data in one place.

Major Companies

Store and manage multiple departments within major companies.


An extensive set of reports to monitor employers' status, placement opportunities and employer participation in offering work experience.

Opportunities & Tracking

Manage and post job opportunities for learners. Allows Tracking of student job applications and creates placements for successful candidates.

Bulk Mailing

Allows for the sending of bulk emails to employers and monitors activity.

Company House Integration

An online credit check to show status of employers.